We now own the domain name ""

Ten years ago, Streetplay started modestly using the domain name “”. As our success grew, so did that of the Internet, and by the time we realized that we’d maybe like to be known as (we make no money and our mission is definitely dot-org-ish), the world of domain name brokering had come into being. Long story short, since 2003, had been squatted upon by overseas entities with no plans but to resell the name–probably to us.

All that has changed.   The previous owner of the name let the name lapse and our all-out assault to claim it worked (a $64 bid on a domain name backorder service).  So now, it’s official: we own  Go ahead… try this link:

We haven’t changed anything about the site itself yet, but just knowing we have the new name is reassuring.

Neither Mick nor myself know what we’re going to do with this name right now.  While we’ve been doing less development of site content in the past years, our recent dabbling into blogging, Facebook, and Twitter have been pretty fun.  It’s nice to know we still have an audience.

So… stay tuned here to keep up on the news of the site… and if anyone has some good ideas on what we should do, please comment on this blog posting below.