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Adults playing with kids

We’ve mentioned Lenore Skenazy more than once here on our blog; here’s a video of her positing the idea that parents don’t necessarily need to get involved and drive their kids’ play, suggesting that it may actually be detrimental.  After Lenore, a bunch of mothers you’ve never heard of chime in, agreeing or disagreeing based on their own experiences.

It would have been preposterous, at least for me or anyone I ever knew as a child, for parents to hunker down with us as we played stickball, skully, or anything else outside.  That time was referred to as “going out to play” by parents and kids alike.  We figured things out on our own, learned basics of fair play, wrote our own script for the day.  And had fun.

I did play board games like Scrabble enough with my parents, but that’s not what I remember as “play.”  What do you all think?

Now, the Good Humor man is evil?
Good Humor truck

Good Humor truck

Every time I see something preposterous like this, I’m proud to be a part of Streetplay:

When Parents Scream Against Ice Cream (via the New York Times)

As a metaphysical protest of this 21st century abomination, why not send a Streetplay Postcard to a friend: choose the Good Humor picture for good measure!