Seated warmly by the computer
Occasionally glancing through the window
At the blustering white wind
I almost missed the snow
But when we walked out
My hand dipped down for a scoop
Impressed by the perfect texture
I caressed and compressed my creation
Then threw the white ball into the tree
And remembered old storms
When schools were closed
And we spent our days in cold play

We walked to the park
Squinting through the windy glare
Hearing the muffled laughter of children
In their playful dance with the cold
Merged with the frost
And breaded in bits of ice
Small bundles of color sliding down the hill
Then scrambling up for another ride
Further down the older boys
Dodged billowing gusts
In slowmo fantasy football runs
Joyfully trampling their soft white field

With dusk approaching
We walked into the wind
Leaving winter memories
To return to our comforts
No one called us to dinner
Or made sure our coats and wet boots
Remained by the door
But the warmth embraced us
And as the storm blew through the night
We stayed indoors
Playing cards with the kids
Sharing cookies and hot tea