I’ve been following Streetplay-oriented things for some time now, and have set up various RSS feeds and search alerts for key terms like “stickball,” “skully,” etc., to keep track of media mentions of our beloved topic.  What comes up most with these automagical content creators–aside from actual street game content–is stickball’s relation to youth and urban nostalgia.  Specifically, when an older notable New Yorker publishes a book, or gives a speech referring to his/her youth, or (most commonly) dies, stickball is mentioned, usually in a mythic relation to a carefree childhood filled with Homeric sporting achievement.

Dakota Steakhouse in Latham, NY (from TroyRecord.com)

I’m moved to write about this because of today’s unexpected “stickball” story, a review of a restaurant in upstate New York:

Dakota Steakhouse Not As Remembered (Troyrecord.com)

If any of you have seen a reference to stickball that has nothing really to do with playing the game, please comment on this posting!